What You May Not Know About Residential Locksmith

Our Harmlessmag Blog wants to make your home safe. We’d like to start a series of posts about locksmith. Locksmiths can meet you wherever you are and create that key for you on the spot. Locksmiths offer a wide range of services from lock repairs, in the case of emergency lockouts, replacements, and even security inspections.


Working as service companies, these guys are usually a call away and how quick they respond on time to every service call they receive adds value to their services. Here are the benefits of locksmith services.

Low Rates

Compared to the services offered, most locksmith service providers are quite affordable and still deliver quality services. These residential services include;

  • Changing of locks
  • Extraction of broken key
  • Closed circuit television
  • High-Security Installation of locks
  • Master key systems Safe Services
  • Camera Installation
  • Emergency Unlock Quick Response

Let’s take for instance you have just arrived home in the evening from your tiring job and in the process of trying to unlock your door, your key breaks off, and a part of it is left inside the door lock. A locksmith makes sure you won’t have to spend the night at your neighbor’s place because some even respond in less than 20 minutes. All you have to do is just pick up that phone and make the call.

Quality Services

With the multiple services they offer, quality is a major aspect that most locksmith companies focus on. Of course, you won’t call them back if they did a terrible job, so be rest assured that the first locksmith service on your residence will be an excellent one and because of the stiff competition out there in this industry, they would like to retain you as their client. So with this, you would calf them from time to time.

Why? Because in residential, it is recommended that you should change locks;

  • Occasionally.
  • When your home has been robbed.
  • After purchasing of a new home.

Key Cutting

mortice-key-cuttingAvailability of trained specialized technicians in cutting keys for all door looks from homes, government and private commercial establishments to automotive.

Provision of Security Cameras

Apart from installing and repairing locks, locksmiths    also set    up security    cameras and    closed – circuit

television (CCTV) to the residential, private    and    governmental institutions that require surveillance.

Maintenance Services

Especially in commercial and residential places that are in use of security equipment, locksmith experts can offer assistance in repairing and maintaining of these equipment hence ensuring the constant efficiency of their progress in benefiting you as a client.

24/7 Services

Regardless of the time of need, locksmiths are always available. Be it in trouble with your house or office door, or having a problem with your safe or you might even be stranded someplace because your car key is locked inside your car or it just malfunctioned and locked you out, it doesn’t matter the time. You will surely get a locksmith service.

Emergencies are known to come up unexpectedly that is why locksmith companies offer unrestricted access to competent and reliable emergency technicians 24 hours a day in a week.

In matters of automotive, there are approved auto locksmiths that help in solving any relating problems with any vehicle from vans, trucks, buses, cars, caravans, motorcycles and all other kinds of automotive machines with locks.

But first and foremost, who is this auto locksmith? An auto locksmith is a person who utilizes his technical expertise in both mechanical and electrical systems to repair, replace and secure any automotive security and ignition systems. Enough said!

Most auto locksmiths are mobile and have equipment and tools that they require at any given task. The kinds of problems that specialized auto locksmiths handle are;

  • Damaged or broken car keys
  • Damaged or broken transponder chip
  • Snapped car key in the ignition
  • Repair car key fobs
  • When car key is faulty intermittently
  • Worn out car keys
  • Vehicle key stuck in the ignition and will not turn nor removed
  • Vehicle door not opening
  • Stolen car keys
  • Lost car keys

An auto locksmith can always replace your key fob or transponder key. Other cars require reprogramming. Always work with approved and licensed locksmiths. Several of them have demonstrated credentials.

So just relieve yourself from that pressure of facing that emergency situation on your own. Get out of that unpleasant situation and have that emergency locksmith service provider on your speed dial. Stay safe.

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