Hi! A little information about the owner/big boss of this magazine style blog 🙂 My name is Kim. As you see I’m a cute asian girl :p If you like me – I’m a free to chat, contact me via form at the site.

It's me

A few words about this site. As you know at the moment 30 November 2016. Our planet is in danger zone. Water, nature in a danger zone. But all people don’t want to know their future about 1-5-10 years. They live in today. Not tomorrow. Name of this site/blog Harmlessmag. It means Harm Less Magazine. Make less harm to your life, to your planet, to you house, to your friends.

I’d like to start blog with guides, news, life-hacks how you can make your life more Easier and helper for Nature, for your Home, etc for you house) Like guide how to economy your house expenses.

If you would like to help me, I will be very glad, please, send me your news, stories, articles. You can find contact form here: https://harmlessmag.hu/contacts/


A few my photos 😀

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